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Hip Paris

Head for the Marais, former home to ROYALTY! Here, stone FACADES, hidden courtyards and narrow streets house countless cutting-edge DESIGNERS of fashion and decorative objects. Shopaholic? You're in trouble!

The local: gay, likes to party, appreciates fine things.

Musée Picasso

The Hôtel Salé is one of the most beautiful mansions in the Marais. The new arrangement provides a stunning visit over three floors, retracing the artist's entire body of work. The attic spaces, not open before the renovation, are dedicated to a "confrontation between Picasso and his preferred artists": Cézanne, Degas, Matisse, Braque, Rousseau...The basements hold reproductions of the artist's different studios. Magnificent. 5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris.
+33 1 85 56 00 36

La M.E.P

If you're a fan of photography, expect to be delighted by the M.E.P (Maison Européenne de la Photographie). This very dynamic institution houses temporary shows all year long featuring both up-and-coming and established photographers. Note that November is photography month in Paris, and the M.E.P. works in partnership with other museums and exhibition spaces.
5 Rue de Fourcy, 75004 Paris.
+33 1 44 78 75 00


Just off the Place de la Bastille you'll find this nightclub/cocktail bar/concert venue featuring live rock, electro, hip hop, and more... Enough to keep you partying all weekend (when it's open till 7 am!). So you can start with a cocktail at 7:00 in the evening and dance all night long. Insider tip: check out the "secret room," a tiny upstairs nook with 70s decor that's perfect for romantic, cozy chats. The club is owned by the former owner of Les Bains and the legendary club Le Queen.
2 bis rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris


Never mind that Beyoncé and Jay Z tried this place before we did. You should go here for lunch since it's hard to get in for dinner. You'll cross the main room with its lovely vintage tiles and take a seat in a bistro chair in anticipation of the pleasures that await you: sublime and simple dishes that are fresh and light...Chef Grébaut, formerly with Passard, understands what we want and has created one of the best Parisian restaurants of the moment. 80 Rue de Charonne 75011 Paris.+33 1 43 67 38 29


Head over to Beaucoup. You won't find another restaurant more perfectly decorated for today's tastes! Very, very pretty with a neo-industrial skylight, velvet armchairs, and refined hanging lamps above the tables. And enjoy a plate of chorizo Bellota with a glass of wine. Just the thing for a pick-me-up.
7 Rue Froissart, 75003 Paris.
+33 1 42 77 38 47

Schwartz’s Deli

Looking for a younger crowd? A taste of America? Some genuine and unpretentious kosher deli food? Plant your elbows on the red-and-white checked laminated tablecloths of Schwartz's deli and dive into a fat, juicy burger and fries (16€), a Caesar salad (9€), or a piece of cheesecake. Brick walls and posters of Miles Davis and the Stones. It's a hangout for French university students craving a bit of Broadway...
Le Marais. 16 Rue des Ecouffes, 75004 Paris.
+33 1 48 87 31 29


Opened five years ago, this must-see upscale and hipster concept store hasn't aged a day. Owner Marie-France Cohen (formerly a designer for Bonpoint) has gathered over 100 well-known and undiscovered designers in the huge, 1500 m2 space, which was designed in exquisite and lyrical taste. You'll find home decor items, clothing, furniture, flowers, books, or just pretty little objects. Very inspiring.
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
+33 1 42 77 00 33


More than just another home decor shop, Caravane proves it has a soul. Less is more, as they say, and here, the focus is on the essential. Superb berber rugs of pure wool, hand-embroidered Egyptian-cotton sheets, handcrafted lampshades in Nepalese paper, marvelous mirrors from faraway places... The colors are subdued, and the overall effect is one of exoticism and exquisite refinement. Very inspiring.
6 rue Pavée, 75004 Paris. +33 1 44 61 04 20

Bleu de France, for cool French stuff

In the middle of the Marais, not far from the Centre Pompidou, the (appropriately) royal blue storefront has "France" written all over it (figuratively speaking). You might even find yourself humming La Vie en Rose... Stationery, clothing, accessories, and even furniture... Justine and David have knack for finding exceptional local designers so they can offer you a unique and quirky range of "Made in France" gifts. Want to support talented French artists and artisans? Then this is for you!