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Historic Paris

Old Paris and its historic facades... Here, poets and INTELLECTUALS still change the world at the Café de Flore and La Sorbonne. Wend your way through the narrow medieval streets to NOTRE DAME.

The local: a university student in a duffle coat, philosophy book under his arm.


Tour de Notre Dame de Paris

Of course you'll go to Notre Dame... But you don't want to skip the long climb (387 stairs, no elevator) to the top of the South Tower! That's where you'll touch the soul of Victor Hugo, where you'll grasp the mystery of his gothic masterpiece and, most of all, where the panoramic view of Paris, with a close-up on the gargoyles, will take your breath away.
6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris

Place Aragon

On the northwestern tip of the Ile de la Cité there's a little place we love. Not for the Parisian cobblestones, or the trees, or the benches (though that's nice too). It's because we know we're sitting beneath the actual window of the eponymous hero of the novel "Aurélien d’Aragon." And we can see the flower shops along the "quai aux fleurs," the Seine and the quai of the Hôtel de Ville... Paris in a nutshell.
Quai de Bourbon, 75004 Paris

Mur Rimbaud

In this little street that slopes up to Saint Sulpice, French poet Arthur Rimbaud recited for the first time his famous "Bateau Ivre" in 1871. He was 17 years old. As an homage to this work – which is memorized by French schoolchildren and was translated by Beckett ("Drunken Boat") – all 100 alexandrines were painted on a 300 m2 stone wall by calligrapher Jan Willem Bruins. A city made of poetry...
Rue Férou, 75006 Paris

La Grande Crèmerie

We have a serious thing for this restaurant on the fringe of the Latin Quarter. Its hip, minimalist decor makes it the perfect place to sip a selection of the best natural wines from France.Made with organic grapes grown by small producers who are experts in the art of winemaking, your wine is served by a bearded hipster sommelier who is as delicious as the wines. We recommend you accompany your drinks with a nice plate of charcuterie and burrata with olive oil. Yum! 8 rue Grégoire de Tours, 75006 Paris +331 43 26 09 09

Le Salon

If you're a fan of beautiful Parisian design, you'll love this insanely gorgeous restaurant.Decorated with flawless taste by none other than Catherine Deneuve, it simply oozes the chic and intellectual vibe of the neighborhood. The food is quite good, and the place is a regular haunt of university profs between classes, and authors and their publishers.The killer detail: the entrance is inside the Pantheon independent movie theater. A well-kept secret, guaranteed to be tourist-free.13 rue Victor Cousin,75005 Paris +331 56 24 88 80


Pig's ear galette, sheep or veal sweetbreads, the calf's tongue salad our former president Jacques Chirac so adored, beef bone marrow... In short, a genuine, traditional bistro for those who enjoy offal! For the rest of us, it's an extreme dining experience ;-) although there are a few dishes we can eat (phew!). THE place to go if you're into that kind of thing, since it's hard to find a menu like this anywhere else. Very entertaining.
10 Rue Saint-Julien le Pauvre, 75005 Paris
+33 1 46 33 98 80

Le Sergent Recruteur

This place is better for lunch because it's a bit pricey. Which is as it should be, considering the quality. Products at their seasonal peak, elegant, minimalist recipes, a superior wine selection. And a mystery menu... But you can trust the chef, Antonin Bonnet. Originally from Lyon, he trained under Michel Bras. He has a soft spot in his heart for Asian notes (possibly his mother's influence) and loves to serve his grandmother's strawberry tart simply because her recipe is the best one ever.
41 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île, 75004 Paris
+33 1 43 54 75 42

Joseph Gibert

In this immense Latin Quarter institution, you'll see students, university profs, and mothers of little schoolchildren lining up to sell or buy used textbooks, best-selling novels, guidebooks of every kind, spectacular pencils, adorably girly erasers, legendary Moleskin notebooks, and even rare vinyl record albums in the basement... The enormous selection of used items makes this place a gold mine for bargain hunters.
26, boulevard Saint Michel 75006 Paris.


This very low profile French brand, which is all about the quality, is the preferred brand of Parisian hipsters. Known for an authenticity inspired by the gentleman farmer style, the brand's artisanal expertise is embodied by its iconic rubber boots, which have been handmade for 160 years in its workshops in the heart of France. Natural and modern materials, extreme weather gear, light parkas, and more, and all in very tasteful colors. The children's line is hugely popular.
139 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris

Abou d’Abi Bazar

Parisians do love to complain. And when clothing boutiques open up in the Latin Quarter, they complain even more. But they didn't have a single bad thing to say about this shop. It's true that the facade is understated, and it's the opposite of one of those big, cookie-cutter chains. This beautiful, three-story space houses the crème de la crème of popular French designers. Isabel Marant, Ba&Sh, Swildens, Antik Batik, La Petite Française, Sessun…
15 Rue Soufflot, 75005 Paris +33 1 42 77 96 98