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Hôtel Astor Saint Honoré

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The first thing you notice here is the incredible sense of space, even with the immense bed and the sitting area both in the same room.  A rich, blue palette, crown molding on the ceiling, and a sublime marble fireplace with an enormous, utterly Parisian mirror above it. You get a true sense of the centuries of history... Delightfully contrasting patterns in shades of blue on the carpet and wallpaper, a canopy headboard over the bed, etchings on the walls... It's like stepping right into 19th-century Paris. And  a very Parisian balcony bursting with geraniums.

Ample, nicely proportioined bathroom with a bathtub. Gray marble accents, and Durance toiletry products. Large mirrors framed in gray complement the chrome finish of the old-fashioned faucetry.

Fireplace !

Tips from Parisians

L’Eglise Saint-Augustin
Built in the 19th century by the famous Parisian architect Baltard (who designed Les Halles in Paris) and located at the intersection of the boulevards Haussmann and Malesherbes, this huge church boasts a spectacular, 80 meter-high dome that is visible from quite a distance. It's worth seeing for the size of it alone: it's 100 meters long, after all! For those of you who love architecture, the church has a metal frame, which makes it truly unique.
Place Saint Augustin, 75008 Paris
What I can't live without in Paris: The monuments. My favorite? The Louvre, for its facades and extraordinary art collection, and the Jardin des Tuileries for its vistas and utterly Parisian ambiance.
Parisian women in 2 words: Chic, elegant.
Parisian men in 2 words: Complainers, stressed.
My favorite restaurant in Paris? Le Pré Catelan.
My favorite shop in Paris? Ladurée (the one on Rue Royale because it's the first, the iconic shop).
When I leave Paris I go to... the countryside in my home region of Burgundy.
The client I'd like to have? Mr. d'Ormesson, of the Académie Française.
My wildest dream? To have all my friends go on a cruise around the world with me (or, in other words, to win the lottery!).

Hôtel Astor Saint Honoré

11 Rue d'Astorg, 75008 Paris, France
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This straight line runs through the HEART of the city. Walking its length, you'll travel through centuries of history. Traversed daily by Parisians, often in their cars, it is peppered with MUSEUMS and splendid MONUMENTS you just can't miss. Also gorgeous at night!

The local: the impeccable businessman.

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