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Chambre Nuit d’Amour

Champs de Mars

Hôtel Platine

Chambre Nuit d’Amour
From 2:00 PM
Before 11:00 AM
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In the mood for love? This super-sexy room is the perfect place for it! A rose petal print on the carpet, crushed velvet curtains, designer lamps... As glamorous as it is sexy. Go for the gusto and order a "love box" from the hotel, a pretty package of pleasant surprises that you'll find on your bed when you arrive (30€).

Bathroom with bathtub, unique designer faucetry, and water closet. Large window with a view of the gorgeous modern Beaugrenelle shopping center and the funky 70s-era buildings of the neighborhood.

In the mood for love?

Tips from Parisians

The French lingerie brand Aubade happens to have a boutique right in front of your hotel. Their lingerie is ultra-feminine, and some of their designs are even patented! The ultimate in French lingerie. In any case, you'll find even more options in the large Beaugrenelle shopping center, once an eyesore, now beautifully restored. Have fun shopping!
Aubade Boutique, Beaugrenelle shopping center
The owner's secrets
What I like about my line of work is meeting people from all over the world and all walks of life. It's like traveling without going anywhere! A hotel-related anecdote? Serving champagne on the terrace at breakfast to an English couple celebrating their 20th anniversary on a freezing November morning! For me, Parisian women are elegant and cultivated, and Parisian men are pressed for time and (yet) fun-loving. My favorite restaurant in Paris? Mamou (rue Taitbout, Paris 9)

Hôtel Platine

20 Rue de l'Ingénieur Robert Keller, 75015 Paris, France
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Don't let the throngs of tourists and street vendors selling miniature Eiffel Towers stop you from enjoying the VIEW, or the exceptional MUSEUMS. Then you can go picnic by the old carousel on the Champs de Mars, not far from the EMBASSIES.

The local: traditional upper-crust families.

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