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Suite familiale Vosges


Hôtel Pavillon de la Reine

Suite familiale Vosges
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A room with two single beds... And a breathtaking view! Wild roses in the foreground, ivy-covered facades in the background. This place is poetry incarnate in the heart of Paris. And the silence is golden!

The two large windows of the living room open onto the Rue de Béarn and its small, traditional high school. This side is also very quiet. An orchid on the coffee table, a sofa in tan velvet, light-colored curtains... French chic!
Climb two stairs to get to the master bedroom, where you're plunged into the Middle Ages, with the exposed beams typical of the Marais and the lower ceiling typical of the period when Notre Dame cathedral was built. Parisians were shorter back then!
The overall effect is one of coziness. Another major plus, the master bedroom is separate from the children's room. A TV and iPod player for everyone.

Family time Place des Vosges!

Tips from Parisians

Try a modern bento lunch with the family!
Lionel, inspired by his trip to Japan, opened a restaurant that is fresh, fun and designed with style.
Your entire meal comes in a single box: 6 sections to fill with the item of your choice. This should make the kids happy! And the ingredients change every day.
The result? You have fun and get lunch for less than 13€ in a lovely setting.
5 Rue des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris
+33 9 83 87 81 86
True hotel story
My composite sketch of the Parisian woman? Classy and smiling. And of the Parisian man? Elegant with deadpan humor.
What can't I live without in Paris? The effervescence and energy of the city.
My favorite restaurant in Paris? Les Chouettes, in the Marais of course!
The quality I appreciate in others? Humor.
The quality I appreciate in a place? Its history.
The client I'd like to have? Quentin Tarantino and Kendrick Lamar.

Hôtel Pavillon de la Reine

28 Place des Vosges, 75003 Paris, France
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Head for the Marais, former home to ROYALTY! Here, stone FACADES, hidden courtyards and narrow streets house countless cutting-edge DESIGNERS of fashion and decorative objects. Shopaholic? You're in trouble!

The local: gay, likes to party, appreciates fine things.

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  • 5 /5 Perfect - Sarah
    For our second trip to Paris, my husband, child and I spent 4 amazing nights in this suite. The room is beautiful and comfortable. The children's room is well separated from the master bedroom, and it looks out on a quiet courtyard. It's very pretty. The hotel is ideally located near the Place des Vosges in the Marais, our favorite Paris neighborhood. Perfect for shopping and taking walks. We're already eager to return!