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Chambre Toits de Paris


Hôtel Le Marignan

Chambre Toits de Paris
From 2:00 PM
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We just love this light-filled room and its ultra-contemporary decor. And of course, the balcony with a view of the rooftops of Paris doesn't hurt... Just indulge us for a moment and picture yourself stepping barefoot onto the wood deck, sitting back in the rocking chair, and doing nothing but enjoying the sun... Absolutely divine!

The living room is nicely decorated with a curved sofa, custom throw pillows, and bleached tree trunks. A large French door in the bedroom leads to the balcony. So much light! Hardwood floor, brushed oak, chic upholstered headboard, and everywhere you look, nice, subtle touches. We like understated luxury.

Balcony overlooking inner courtyard, genuinely Parisian view of the rooftops, very quiet.

Bathroom with a shower. Beautiful materials in black and sand. Free Guerlain toiletry products. Cool!

Balcony of your dreams!

Tips from Parisians

L’Atelier Vivanda
Are you something of a carnivore? A serious meat lover? If so, you have to (that's an order) go to our favorite restaurant by Akrame Benallal, a Michelin-starred chef who opened this restaurant for meat lovers as a complement to his gourmet restaurant. Fixed menu for 35€. Meats to die for with delicious side dishes, like potatoes prepared in every way imaginable. Hip, young atmosphere. Yum!
18 Rue Lauriston, 75016 Paris
+33 1 40 67 10 00
True hotel story
Between us, the things I can't live without in Paris are the cafe terraces, the banks of the Seine, the cultural life, and my baker!
My secret hobby is interior decorating.
My dream? To have the time to...
The client I'd like to have? A Nobel Prize winner.
Parisian women in 2 words? Elegant and stressed.
Parisian men in 2 words? Too spoiled!

Hôtel Le Marignan

12 Rue de Marignan, 75008 Paris, France
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This straight line runs through the HEART of the city. Walking its length, you'll travel through centuries of history. Traversed daily by Parisians, often in their cars, it is peppered with MUSEUMS and splendid MONUMENTS you just can't miss. Also gorgeous at night!

The local: the impeccable businessman.

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