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Hôtel Villa de Saxe

Chambre Soft business
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South-facing room, full of light, with a small, quiet balcony where you can write postcards or have breakfast. The room is surrounded by calm. The neighborhood is full of small private gardens where birds sing in the springtime.

Beige tones and wood, designer light fixtures, comfortable sofa, two windows and iPod player.
Bathroom with a window, water closet, designer sink and immense shower. Even an ultra-flat scale ;-)

Near the Eiffel Tower!

Tips from Parisians

Avenue de Breteuil
Need to let off some steam? Put on your Nikes and head for the Avenue de Breteuil, which has great side streets for running.
The neighborhood is truly chic, the avenue is tree lined, the lawns well tended. You'll no doubt pass a few lawyers or bankers (your neighbors) also out for a jog, or students having picnics.
Look at you! Just like a real Parisian!
True hotel story
What I like about my line of work is orchestrating the service in its entirety: from the reservation until the moment the client leaves, it's like conducting an orchestra. Every department is like an instrument that plays its part. An anecdote: The night before we opened, the hotel's large metal curtain had not been installed. A team of 8 people worked for 24 straight hours to mount this decorative piece that weighed 750 kilograms! I still can't get over it...My favorite restaurant in Paris: Big Fernand, it's fun, relaxed and good!

Hôtel Villa de Saxe

9 Villa de Saxe, 75007 Paris, France
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Don't let the throngs of tourists and street vendors selling miniature Eiffel Towers stop you from enjoying the VIEW, or the exceptional MUSEUMS. Then you can go picnic by the old carousel on the Champs de Mars, not far from the EMBASSIES.

The local: traditional upper-crust families.

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Very good 4.8 /5
  • Cleanliness 5 /5
  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Well placed 5 /5
  • Hotel services 5 /5
  • Exception Room 4 /5
  • Lovely 5 /5
100% recommend this room
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  • 4.8 /5 Very good - Jenna
    Classy, modern room in a neighborhood that is perfect for tranquility. The breakfast room was very nice. The staff were attentive but not overbearing.