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Chambre du Poète


Hôtel de Banville

Chambre du Poète
From 2:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
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Is it a hotel room or an artist's studio? The room is so pretty it's hard to say! You feel like a young poet, surviving on love and water alone. But it's also exceptionally chic. A charming paradox.

And this light-filled room is incredibly romantic! Papered walls, violet curtains, wood everywhere, and a little bathroom hidden behind a partition. Dramatic!

Ultimately, what we really love is the mix of classic and modern, romanticism and light.

Romantic and very Parisian

Tips from Parisians

Fashion feeding frenzy
Not far from your hotel, on the far side of the Place Pereire, is the root of the Rue de Courcelles, a must for those who love nice shops. The area is fairly high-end, we must say, but still affordable and quite trendy: The Kooples, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Des Petits Hauts, Paraboot... Don't miss Sandro, a very hip brand that's a favorite of all the young girls in the neighborhood.
97 Rue de Courcelles, 75017 Paris
+33 1 46 22 09 46
True hotel story
To me, the Hôtel Banville is a place to meet people and create incredible connections. We have hosted weddings, connected people for jobs, just like one big family. The hotel's soul looks out for us and makes this a magical place. Our grandparents, who created the hotel, surely have something to do with that...
The client I'd like to have? I already have them! My clients are lovely people. I'm talking about the ones who have been coming back for 40, 30, 20 or 10 years. The loyal ones.

Hôtel de Banville

166 Boulevard Berthier, 75017 Paris, France
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Steep stairways, cobblestoned streets, climbing WISTERIA... the ROMANTIC paradise for artists and dreamers. The wild NIGHTLIFE of Pigalle, with its sex shops and cabarets, a striking contrast to the old-world charm of the SACRE COEUR.

The local: a young, single hipster.

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Very good 4.8 /5
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  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Well placed 4 /5
  • Hotel services 5 /5
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  • 4.8 /5 Very good - Julian
    Light-filled room, very pleasant. And a beautiful luxury hotel