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Suite Tour Eiffel


Hôtel Le Marignan

Suite Tour Eiffel
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Simply phenomenal! Luxury. Space. Excess… It's hard to believe this suite is real. Would you like a tour?

Make yourself at home: to the left as you enter, a large wooden closet with a window overlooking the balcony, where you can set your bags. Wow!

In the living room, to the right, a superb designer sofa with curved lines, and a solid wood desk. Notice the gorgeous chair that you'll wish you could take home with you, like everybody else who sees it. At least you can sit in it to work or read your e-mail. We adore the fabulous 50s-style coffee table. Most of the furniture is custom made, other pieces are vintage gems picked out by the owner. Wait, there's more... Two large French doors open onto an immense, wood-floored balcony. Table, armchair and a view of the Eiffel Tower, which you simply must see at night when it's sparkling! Incredibly romantic!

A bedroom at the back, very quiet, like a cocoon. It also opens onto the balcony. On the wall, a contemporary photo printed on plexiglass. Very, very nice...

Ultra-contemporary bathroom with rectangular bathtub in the middle. Huge mirror across from the large window overlooking the balcony. Separate water closet, separate shower room.

Balcony with Eiffel Tower view!

Tips from Parisians

Need a manicure? A cut and color? Pamper yourself at Dessange International, the salon of the rich and famous, which is just a few minutes from your hotel. You'll get the VIP treatment, have your hair shampooed in a massaging chair... Don't be surprised if you see some famous faces. And for the perfect cut, ask for François ;-)
Reservation required.
39 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008 Paris
+33 1 53 83 99 10
True hotel story
Between us, the things I can't live without in Paris are the cafe terraces, the banks of the Seine, the cultural life, and my baker!
My secret hobby is interior decorating.
My dream? To have the time to...
The client I'd like to have? A Nobel Prize winner.
Parisian women in 2 words? Elegant and stressed.
Parisian men in 2 words? Too spoiled!

Hôtel Le Marignan

12 Rue de Marignan, 75008 Paris, France
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This straight line runs through the HEART of the city. Walking its length, you'll travel through centuries of history. Traversed daily by Parisians, often in their cars, it is peppered with MUSEUMS and splendid MONUMENTS you just can't miss. Also gorgeous at night!

The local: the impeccable businessman.

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