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Chambre My Asian Trip

Porte Maillot

Hôtel Regent's Garden

Chambre My Asian Trip
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A hotel room in Paris with windows opening onto a garden full of white hortensias, ivy and even a Judas tree, which flowers in the spring and turns everything pink... Very rare!

This room inspires you to dream of faraway places. With its large tapestry with lotus flowers against a dark burgundy background, its zebra-striped carpet in deep purple and beige, its armchairs, and original (!) Napoleon III fireplace, this room is a delightful blend of the exotic and the classic. The bedside tables and desk in sculpted wood add a traditional touch to this bold mix of styles, but the most appealing feature is the tall window overlooking the fountain in the garden. When we opened the windows, we fell in love with the lovely old handles and traditional wood frames.

The bathroom also has an exotic feel to it, with the sink sunken in turquoise volcanic stone and toiletry products by Gemology. It also has a nice, large window overlooking the garden.

View of the hotel's immense private garden

Tips from Parisians

Amazing cheese shop
The market on the Rue Poncelet is worth a special trip. This is where many Parisians in the know buy their fresh produce. Don't miss the amazing cheese shop Alléosse, run by Philippe Alléosse himself. Perhaps his 300 m2 cellar and a long line of cheese-making ancestors explain why he is a certified Master Cheesemonger and Maturing Expert in France... In any case, Bill Clinton and a few French presidents have been his clients. Just saying...
True hotel story
A anecdote I could share with you? A guest traveling alone whom we upgraded asked for a smaller room because he felt lost in his immense suite.
I was born in Paris and I can't live here without theaters, museums, opera…
I appreciate in others self-deprecating humor. A proof? My hero is Woody Allen.
My dream? Fly over the Verdon Gorge in a hang glider.
My favorite restaurant in Paris? Frederic Simonin, Rue Bayen.

Hôtel Regent's Garden

6 Rue Pierre Demours, 75017 Paris, France
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A ritzy RESIDENTIAL neighborhood! Silver spoon-fed youth and WELL-MANNERED grandparents walk their Labradors in the tree-lined side streets of this residential area where tourists rarely venture.

The local: Tod's shoes on the feet, a silk Hermès scarf around the neck.

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Very good 4.7 /5
  • Cleanliness 5 /5
  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Well placed 4 /5
  • Hotel services 5 /5
  • Exception Room 4 /5
  • Lovely 5 /5
100% recommend this room
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  • 4.7 /5 Very good - Michael
    A large, inexpensive room in Paris is rare, especially with such attentive service. My wife adored the floral tones.