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The Seven Hôtel

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A bathtub suspended in the air, a backlit plexiglass closet, cloud-shaped metal light fixtures, and a ceiling that looks like a starry sky... Every detail was carefully thought out, and the overall effect is a delicate, multisensory experience! Perfect for people who like to shake things up a bit.

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass partition and its window overlooks the courtyard. In the bedroom, the window is on the street side. In general, the decor plays artfully with transparency. The large, dark wall opposite the bed, cloud-shaped designer lamps, and dark carpet covered with waves will help you drift off to dreamland.

A perfect blend of poetry and sci-fi.

Poetry meets sci-fi!

Tips from Parisians

The Palais de Tokyo!
Do you like all things modern, the mysteries of the future, the unknown, and being surprised? Then take a 20-minute bus ride (No. 92) straight to the amazing Palais de Tokyo, a museum dedicated to contemporary arts: art, design, fashion, video, cinema, literature and dance. There are always lots of things going on. Plus, it has a fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower, and the bookstore is superb, with lots of great gifts.
13 Avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris
+ 33 1 81 97 35 88
The owner's secrets
I like my work, because I can make my clients' dreams come true. It's not a coincidence that the quality I prefer in a place is its magic. In my hotel, for example, so many people have popped the question!
My secret hobby? Nordic walking.
My hero? Flash McQueen.
My motto? Hakuna matata!

The Seven Hôtel

20 Rue Berthollet, 75005 Paris, France
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What was once a village still retains its deeply INTELLECTUAL spirit. There are plenty of ART GALLERIES. Once the cradle of Parisian literature, today it draws a rather snooty crowd, but it's still a hangout of university PROFESSORS.

The local: on a bike, Le Monde under his arm.

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Good 3.5 /5
  • Cleanliness 2 /5
  • Comfort 5 /5
  • Well placed 5 /5
  • Hotel services 2 /5
  • Exception Room 4 /5
  • Lovely 3 /5
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  • 3.5 /5 Good - Une chambre surprenante
    C'est vrai que j'ai peu eu l'habitude d'être dans une telle chambre ! Le design est vraiment particulier et on se sent comme dans un cocoon, coupés du monde.
    Seuls bémols : la propreté et le service. 100e l'heure supplémentaire pour un late check in.