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Chambre Paris Photo


Hôtel Nouvel Orléans

Chambre Paris Photo
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A spacious suite, with a living area separate from the bedroom. The focal point of the living room is the enormous black and white photo of the Eiffel Tower. The purple sofa opens into a double bed, and one wall is upholstered in gray, for a touch of elegance. So very Chanel!

The bedroom at the end of the corridor is decorated in the same pretty shades of gray and purple. At the head of the bed, a backlit image of the Ecole Militaire in black and white. Lovely decorative touch. The gray desk turns into a vanity.

And be sure to take full advantage of the two bathrooms! The first, off the living room, has a shower and window that lets in plenty of light. The second has a bathtub. Plus, there are lots of L'Occitane toiletry products. Separate water closet.

Family suite!

Tips from Parisians

Relive your childhood! Chez Bogato offers an explosion of colors and flavors that will restore your childlike sense of wonder. It's what paradise would look like if it were a pâtisserie. Unforgettable birthday cakes, playful (yes!) sablé cookies, yummy tidbits shaped like Lego blocks or tennis balls... And nothing here has preservatives or additives.

Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.
7 rue Liancourt 75014 Paris
+33 1 40 47 03 51
The owner's secrets
Between us, we love Valentine's Day at my hotel. The clients arrive before their partners to prepare their rooms with flowers, candles, and room fragrances. Romantic! Also, before the hotel was built, this was the location of one of the oldest mills in Paris, and it had the perfect name: The Moulin de l’Amour.
In Paris, I like to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night. My favorite restaurant? Le Ciel de Paris in the Tour Montparnasse. Incredible view!

Hôtel Nouvel Orléans

25 Avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris, France
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What was once a village still retains its deeply INTELLECTUAL spirit. There are plenty of ART GALLERIES. Once the cradle of Parisian literature, today it draws a rather snooty crowd, but it's still a hangout of university PROFESSORS.

The local: on a bike, Le Monde under his arm.

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