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Hôtel La Belle Juliette

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This deliciously masculine room is entirely dedicated to Chateaubriand, the true love of Juliette Récamier, whose salon attracted the great minds of her era. The living room has a soul, just like the traditional apartments of the old French families. On the wall, etchings and old postcards evoke the famous Romantic author and the beautiful Juliette. You're immersed in the Napoleonic era!

Note the authentic wood floors, the almost foppish sofa, and the elegant lines of the marble fireplace in the living room... Pure chic!

The two large windows let in plenty of light and a view of chic Parisians coming and going on the Rue du Cherche Midi, which is THE place to shop. In the bedroom is a very large bed and another iMac.

A dream bathroom. Gazing into the two 19 th-century mirrors, you come face-to-face with history. Bathtub semi-hidden and a retro sink. This room is definitely powerful and inspired.

The soul of Paris!

Tips from Parisians

Café Trama
The little cafe in front of the hotel is quite unassuming, but it's one of the hottest spots in the neighborhood. We admit that the 50s decor doesn't hurt a bit (I want that floor in my kitchen!), and the same goes for the products. Jean-Luc Poujauran's bread: yum! Desnoyer meat: yum! The menu is excellent, and your taste buds will be thrilled. We highly recommend the croque-monsieur.
83 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris
+ 33 1 45 48 33 71
The owner's secrets
What I like about my line of work is being an excellent host to my clients. One day, a guest made a formal marriage proposal in front of all the other guests in the breakfast room!
In Paris, I like being able to go out at any hour, and I enjoy dining at L'Atelier by Joël Robuchon. I'm an author and actor in my free time. My dream? To sail around the world! My motto? There are no problems, only solutions.

Hôtel La Belle Juliette

92 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris, France
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What was once a village still retains its deeply INTELLECTUAL spirit. There are plenty of ART GALLERIES. Once the cradle of Parisian literature, today it draws a rather snooty crowd, but it's still a hangout of university PROFESSORS.

The local: on a bike, Le Monde under his arm.

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2 comments for this room
  • 5 /5 Perfect - Sean
    Excellent suite, we were not disappointed. It was very, very beautiful.
  • 5 /5 Perfect - Stephanie
    Not only was the room gorgeous, with a big living room, an ultra-comfortable bed and plenty of space, but the hotel is in a good location. I took advantage of the spa at the end of the day, a real pleasure. The swimming pool is quite small, but its blue lighting takes you far away. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Thank you!