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Chambre Le diable s’habille…


Hôtel Baume

Chambre Le diable s’habille…
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Do you like fashion? We do too! In that case, you'll easily understand why this room is ab-so-lute-ly perfect for a young fashion writer in Paris for Fashion Week. Seriously, this room is all about the fashion. Elegance. Excess (a little). And chic (always).

The bed is very inviting if you need a nap after all those runway shows. Hard to choose between curling up against the pink velvet pillows, or stretching out on the silky printed blanket at the foot of the bed. Or a chair. But which one? The pink quilted one or the one that looks like a comfy Jordan almond?

The window in the room looks out on the courtyard, far from the paparazzi. And just a few graceful steps down some stairs to get to your bathroom! Such style! Separate water closet.

Quiet in the Latin Quarter

Tips from Parisians

Ultimate fashion walking tour
Up one street and you're there! On the Rue St Sulpice, the hotbed of the hottest designers. Of course, the king, Saint Laurent is on one end of the street, but there are also many other boutiques that are fresh and trendy: Maje, where all the young girls get their formal gowns, American Vintage, which has leisure wear for forty-somethings, Vanessa Bruno (photo), the uncontested favorite of Parisian women…
Rue St Sulpice, 75006 Paris
True hotel story

Hôtel Baume

7 Rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006 Paris, France
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What was once a village still retains its deeply INTELLECTUAL spirit. There are plenty of ART GALLERIES. Once the cradle of Parisian literature, today it draws a rather snooty crowd, but it's still a hangout of university PROFESSORS.

The local: on a bike, Le Monde under his arm.

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  • 5 /5 Perfect - David
    We were treated like royalty. The hotel's decor is remarkable, impeccably soundproofed, and there is a generous and delicious breakfast. Stay here!