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Suite give me the night


Idol Hôtel

Suite give me the night
From 2:00 PM
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The decor of this room is inspired by a combo of soul, funk, jazz and pop music! The overall effect is crazy, cool and utterly vintage. Harmonious cacophony, believe it or not!

The owner of the hotel, a serious fan of jazz, soul and funk, created this room in his own image. For starters, there's the fabulous interior decorating by Julie Gauthron. This – huge – black and gold room puts you in the mood for a sunset sax solo (which you can often hear under the bridges over the Seine)... The hardwood floor adds to the sense of space, as do the two windows overlooking the street. Listen to the soundtrack of the city, or turn on the stereo, the room's Elipson Bluetooth speakers (we do things right here!) and the mixing board. Then dance! Go wild! Bust out the bubbly and celebrate your trip to Paris.

Delightfull table lamps that are just sublime. Bathtub in the bedroom, the better to enjoy the music! Large closet. Nuxe toiletry products Separate water closet.

Totally groovy!

Tips from Parisians

The owner's secrets
I love R&B, soul and jazz music, and the Idol is a hotel after my own heart! You will not be surprised to learn that the musical ambiance is what I appreciate the most in a place.
We have a selfie wall in the lobby where we take photos with the clients to put on our social networks, and my dream would be to open a popular night club in my hotel!
For me, the Parisian woman is a chic style icon, and the Parisian man is a chic and busy businessman.
My favorite restaurant? La Sardaigna.

Idol Hôtel

16 Rue d'Edimbourg, 75008 Paris, France
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Steep stairways, cobblestoned streets, climbing WISTERIA... the ROMANTIC paradise for artists and dreamers. The wild NIGHTLIFE of Pigalle, with its sex shops and cabarets, a striking contrast to the old-world charm of the SACRE COEUR.

The local: a young, single hipster.

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