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Chambre Bonbon cassis


Comfort Hôtel Paris Nation

Chambre Bonbon cassis
From 2:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
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This hotel room appears to have eggplant envy... The decor is understated and tasteful, in a palette of eggplant and raspberry splashed across a pretty headboard and polka-dotted bed linens, striped throw pillows and curtains, and even the carpet. Major plus: it's a corner room with two French doors that let in lots of light. And you have a balcony that runs the length of the room and overlooks the Rue Neuve des Boulets and the Rue de l’Hôtel Léon Frot.

Light-filled bathroom with a window, quite a luxury in Paris. Bathtub. Water closet in the bathroom.

Big balcony!

Tips from Parisians

Bistrot Melac
Rural Aveyron comes to Paris! Run by a father and son for 70 years, this bistro is just two steps from your hotel. Jacques Mélac (the man with the very distinctive moustache!) serves regional dishes of the highest quality, with ingredients personally selected by the best producers in this region famous for its food. Specialties include ham hock with French green lentils, pot au feu (pot roast), sausage, aligot (mashed potatoes with cheese and garlic), coldcuts and regional cheeses.

42 Rue Léon Frot, 75011 Paris
+ 33 1 43 70 59 27
The owner's secrets
What I love about my work is meeting people from all walks of life and interacting with them.
In Paris, I couldn't live without the theaters.
My favorite restaurant? Chez Papa because it's simple, friendly and traditional.
A secret about my hotel? There's a stone-lined secret passage that goes from the wine cellar, under the street, and out on the other side. Crazy, isn't it?
My motto? Carpe diem.

Comfort Hôtel Paris Nation

12 Rue Léon Frot, 75011 Paris, France
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Head for the Marais, former home to ROYALTY! Here, stone FACADES, hidden courtyards and narrow streets house countless cutting-edge DESIGNERS of fashion and decorative objects. Shopaholic? You're in trouble!

The local: gay, likes to party, appreciates fine things.

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