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Chambre Mix & Match


Hôtel du Petit Moulin

Chambre Mix & Match
From 2:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
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Enter from the beautiful landing where gorgeous black lacquered doors hide mysterious secrets. Open the door to a stunning entryway! A dramatic zebra-print tapestry leads to the staircase, descends to the bedroom and continues right up to the bed. Wow!

A window opens onto a calm street in the Marais (Rue de Saintonge). The large wall at the back of the room is silkscreened with tapestry designs and a work of contemporary art hangs above the desk. Maximum mix and match!

Bathroom with a corner bathtub. Rather unusual designer pedestal sink, water closet and colonial wallpaper! A truly original mélange of styles.

Be sure to go downstairs using the beautiful staircase with its original solid wood banister. You're in the Middle Ages! The entry to the breakfast room is also a small decorating marvel. Don't miss it! We just love it.

Very quiet!

Tips from Parisians

Fashion alert!
You're in one of the hippest neighborhoods, with shops and designers everywhere! Two steps from your room you'll find Swildens, where you can get last year's styles for much less than the current year's items. Bohemian chic, light and feminine, these clothes with a hint of ethnic influence also appeal to the young, who start shopping here at around the age of 10.
22, rue de Poitou , 75003 Paris
+33 1 42 71 19 12
True hotel story
I was born in England and my secret hobby is golf. Now you know almost everything! What I like about my work is introducing our clients to our hotel and seeing their reactions. In Paris, I like to sit on a cafe terrace in the sun. My favorite restaurant in Paris is Le Café Constant in the 7th arrondissement.
Parisian women in 2 words? Very beautiful...Parisian men in 2 words? Very handsome... My motto? Keep calm and carry on. The client I'd like to have? Sting.

Hôtel du Petit Moulin

29 Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris, France
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Head for the Marais, former home to ROYALTY! Here, stone FACADES, hidden courtyards and narrow streets house countless cutting-edge DESIGNERS of fashion and decorative objects. Shopaholic? You're in trouble!

The local: gay, likes to party, appreciates fine things.

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  • 5 /5 Perfect - Emma
    We fell head over heels in love with this superb hotel that was entirely decorated by Christian Lacroix. Not your ordinary hotel stay! The spacious, colorful room was superb. Its location in the heart of the Marais is perfect (shopping, restaurants, galleries...). Plus the staff are very attentive. We'll be back!