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Chambre Coup de Théâtre

Grands boulevards

Hôtel des Comédies

Chambre Coup de Théâtre
From 2:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
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You have to take the stairs up the last flight to get to your room. But before you know it you're there! And it's dramatic! You'll be amazed by the high ceiling. This first room is spacious, with a large window overlooking the courtyard: Very calm and quite bright. The room plays up its location in the heart of the Paris theater district, with antique etchings of local stage actresses on the walls. The large wall covered in traditional toile makes the first bed the star, with its beautiful costume in the form of an old-style upholstered leather and velvet headboard. Bathroom with bathtub, separate water closet on the same level.

Then you go up 3 steps to get to the shower room with a window, plenty of light, and its also very peaceful. A large wooden staircase takes you to the upper floor, where the second bedroom is located: a full bed and a single, nestled under an adorable little window that opens onto... A breathtaking view of Paris! Sacré Coeur glows with light. Incredibly charming.

If you're traveling with children, worry not. The owner is wonderfully accommodating.

View of Sacré Coeur!

Tips from Parisians

Cozy breakfast
Be sure to have breakfast in the hotel's beautiful breakfast room, which is full of old posters and etchings with a theater theme: Pierrot, Crispin, the facades of the theaters on the Grand Boulevards... The decor is unpretentious, it's very quiet for being in the theater district, and the breakfast room opens onto a pretty, tree-filled terrace. Also... Fermob garden furniture! We're talking serious chic...
True hotel story
I like offering a friendly reception! Making sure our clients feel as welcome as possible, making them feel they are at their "home away from home." And meeting all these people means no two days are alike.
Sometimes our clients leave us small tokens of their appreciation, like a bouquet, or some chocolates. It makes us so happy every time!
My motto? A phrase by Victoria Holt: "Never regret. If it is good it’s wonderful. If it’s bad it is called experience."

Hôtel des Comédies

8 Rue d'Hauteville, 75010 Paris, France
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Hermès to your left, Dior to your right, fine jewelers and the GRANDS MAGASINS in between, you're in the heart of CHIC and ostentatious Paris. The gilded roof of the Opéra…Theater, ballet, fashion...Where the ARTS blend divinely with history.

The local: designer overcoat and flawless hair.

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