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Chambre Haute Couture


Rays Private Suites

Chambre Haute Couture
From 4:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
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Your hotel, though located in the heart of Paris, is sheltered from the frenzy of the city at the back of a private courtyard. Your room has a distinctly Parisian flavor, with glamorous art on the wall and a dark, chic color palette. Yet you also have a glimpse of nature through the large window facing the bed, and your entire room is filled with light from the hotel's garden!                                            

In the kitchen, which is all in wood and fully furnished, you'll be able to play French chef! The bathroom has a bathtub and a sink, with all the Clarins (Made in France!) toiletry products your heart could desire. Water closet in the bathroom.

Parisian chic!

Tips from Parisians

Colette, Colette…
We usually tell you about little-known spots, but we have to break our own rule this time. Your room is only 300 meters from the world-famous boutique, Colette! You simply have to go there! Here, on the very chic Rue Saint Honoré, an impressive 700 m2 space is devoted to cutting-edge trends: high fashion, tech gadgets, art, street wear, beauty and even a water bar offering the world's most exclusive brands.
213 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris
+33 1 55 35 33 90
The owner's secrets
Paris in a single word is happiness!
What I can't live without in Paris: My high heels ;)
My favorite restaurant in Paris? L’Auberge Bressane.
My favorite shop in Paris? Le Bon Marché.
When I leave Paris I go to Île de Bréhat.
A hotel-related anecdote to share? Finding sex toys in the rooms!
The quality I appreciate in a place? Quiet.
My secret hobby? Scuba diving.
My wildest dream? To open a hotel in the Maldives – underwater!

Rays Private Suites

9 Rue Daunou, 75002 Paris, France
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Hermès to your left, Dior to your right, fine jewelers and the GRANDS MAGASINS in between, you're in the heart of CHIC and ostentatious Paris. The gilded roof of the Opéra…Theater, ballet, fashion...Where the ARTS blend divinely with history.

The local: designer overcoat and flawless hair.

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