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Chambre Pour Toujours


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Chambre Pour Toujours
From 4:00 PM
Before 12:00 PM
Travel like a V.I.P.! MyRoomIn offers you a chauffeur to drive you to your hotel



The two of you, together, for all time... This room may just inspire you to speak those eternally romantic words! Once you take in the stylish and romantic decor, you'll want nothing more than to gaze into each other's eyes! The elegant headboard, high-design bedside tables and soft lighting will lull you off to dreamland. Maybe... The fine, designer furniture is the ultimate in Parisian chic. On the practical side, a kitchenette in the entry means there's no need to get dressed when you get hungry. The finishing touch, a beautiful wall mural created by illustrator Sophie Griotto: a Parisian beauty in all her glory!

The room is filled with light from the large window with a view of the hotel's interior courtyard.

The tiled bathroom has a shower and a bathtub. Tabletop sink, a large mirror and complimentary Clarins toiletry products. Total luxury! Water closet in the bathroom.

Parisian chic!

Tips from Parisians

Harry’s Bar
This fashionable bar is located on the same street as your hotel. So head on over! The decor is pure New York, the lighting is subdued, and the vibe is that of a swanky piano bar. The perfect place to sip a cocktail and whisper sweet nothings in each other's ears... A wide variety of cocktails to try, including many you won't find anywhere else. A nice change from the traditional Mojito, we can tell you!
5 rue Daunou, 75002 PARIS
+33 1 42 61 71 14
The owner's secrets
Paris in a single word is happiness!
What I can't live without in Paris: My high heels ;)
My favorite restaurant in Paris? L’Auberge Bressane.
My favorite shop in Paris? Le Bon Marché.
When I leave Paris I go to Île de Bréhat.
A hotel-related anecdote to share? Finding sex toys in the rooms!
The quality I appreciate in a place? Quiet.
My secret hobby? Scuba diving.
My wildest dream? To open a hotel in the Maldives – underwater!

Rays Private Suites

9 Rue Daunou, 75002 Paris, France
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Hermès to your left, Dior to your right, fine jewelers and the GRANDS MAGASINS in between, you're in the heart of CHIC and ostentatious Paris. The gilded roof of the Opéra…Theater, ballet, fashion...Where the ARTS blend divinely with history.

The local: designer overcoat and flawless hair.

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