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Chambre Family Trip

Disneyland Paris

Hôtel l'Elysée Val d'Europe

Chambre Family Trip
From 3:00 PM
Before 11:00 AM
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Ideal for (very) large families going to Disney Land, these two communicating hotel rooms - each one furnished with two double beds - can accommodate up to 8 people! They are spacious and nicely decorated, with their nude-colored walls and their glamorous red carpet.

Each room has a large window. Elegant black and white photographs of Paris plunge you into a chic, Parisian universe and the heart of the capital is just half-an-hour away. Your hotel room is opposite Chessy train station, just a stone’s throw from Disneyland Paris. Quite practical.

Each room has its own bathroom with a water closet, bathtub and basin.

Maximum of 8 people!

Tips from Parisians

Aquarium Sea Life
This is an amusing and fun visit for the whole family! The large Sealife Aquarium is home to 350 of the most diverse marine species. You will be immersed in an underwater world and will discover a large number of species of fish, sharks, turtles and other animals. You will even learn something about protecting underwater fauna and flora. Tickets can be purchased at the hotel reception.
SealIfe Aquarium
Centre Commercial Val d’Europe 14 cours du Danube 77 711 Marne la Vallée
+ 33 1 60 42 33 66
I was born in… Paris.
Paris in a single word is… “dynamic.”
The Parisian woman in two words: sophisticated and chic.
The Parisian man in two words: gallant and hurried.
My favorite monument or place in Paris? The Eiffel Tower.
When I leave Paris, I go to… see the sea.
The quality I prefer in a place? For it to be cozy.
My wildest dream? To take a trip on a giant catamaran.

Hôtel l'Elysée Val d'Europe

7 Cours du Danube, 77700 Serris, France
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We adore this ultra-lively area with its ALTERNATIVE, and most of all genuine vibe. Funky shops abound, and a DIVERSE population of artists, designers and Chinese grocers…happily cohabit in the most up-and-coming neighborhood in Paris.
The local? Tatooed and carrying a vintage totebag.

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